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Beats&Bars🎙 token Released less than 48 hours ago and already 190 Holder and 150K Mcap


🎧Beats&Bars🎙 token




A new deflationary token with doxxed devs to be used as currency in all transactions regarding FlowState studio in Sweden. (Check whitepaper on website)




Since this crypto will be used as a currency constant traffic will be guaranteed, thereby constantly raising the price floor of the token.




5% sent back to liquidity assures a constantly rising price floor.




3% distributed back to holders





u5% of each transaction is sent back to liquidity once the token amount reaches 0.5% of the total amount of tokens (5 million tokens)

3% is redistributed among holders (the % you own of the total amount of tokens decides your share of the redistribution, the more you own the larger share you receive of each transaction) We will be existing on the Binance Smartchain (BSC) which is a blockchain network parallel to the Binance chain. SmartChain facilitates the acquisition and static farming of Beats & Bars in Ethereum based wallets such as Metamask or Trust Wallet. The Largest benefit of basing the token along the Binance Smart chain is diminished fees and lower taxes for the user when exchanging, as Ethereum gas fees are consistently high.

Our Anti whale system limits each transaction to a maximum amount of 1,500,000 tokens, make sure that you are not trying to buy or sell more than this amount or your transaction will fail.