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Anime is one of the largest genres in the film entertainment industry with a market value of almost 25 billion USD as of 2019. On top of that, the official Anime subreddit has 2.5 million members, while other communities like r/Hentai have 1.7 million. The anime community is huge, and we’re here to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and anime!


Q2 - 2021

Website launch

Coin Launch

Socia media launch


Q3 - 2021

Increased marketing

Coingecko, CoinmarketCap

Twitter/Tiktok Competitions

Q4- 2021

With enough liquidity, we will fund our own webtoon! Hiring story writers and artists from twitter competitions, funding through the 2.5% dev wallet

Once the community votes on a great webtoon, the AnimeTitties marketing staff will fund its growth through the Dev Wallet. AnimeTitties will explore a feature on LINE Webtoon, the biggest source and distributor of webtoons in the world. We hope to continue this process, acquiring and funding new and upcoming artists monthly. We expect to have an audience of millions, appearing on the news, forming contracts with major Anime related companies/projects. Lets make our presence felt in the anime community!


Liquidity Burned🔥

To make things fair for the community, we burned 100% of all liquidity. This means that all initial and newly generated LP will be tied to the coin forever!


5% Distributed to Holders💲

The longer you hold, the more your account grows! There is a 10% tax with every transaction. 5% of which is redistributed to holders of AnimeTitties proportionate to the amount you hold!


5% Added to Liquidity📈

The more transactions that occur, the greater the value of each coin! Included in the 10% transaction fee is 5% of sales which is added back into the burned liquidity pool. This will increase the value of all pooled coins!

Liquidity Burned

As mentioned previously, 100% of all LP is burned for AnimeTitties. Without this it would be possible for the owner to pull out all LP tokens and tank the value of the coin. This is impossible for our token!


Ownership Renounced

If a coin does not renounce ownership, it is possible for the owner to make changes to the contract any time they wish. This is impossible for AnimeTitties because it is entirely a community-driven token with no owner!


Transaction Limit

In order to prevent having large whales, we have imposed a transaction limit of 10 trillion tokens. This means that no one individual can hold more than 1% of the coin.