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ApeToken: Ape Token is a friction-less, yield-generating contract which is designed to be used for staking and betting in eSports via our home brew app currently in development.

You will be able to use our coin to bet on any competitive eSport.

A community driven coin with Static Rewards for holders.

Tokenomics: 10% Tax: 5% burnt, 4% distributed to holders, 1% marketing wallet.

🐵 Created by ApeStudios.net . An experienced and highly skilled team.

The eSports Betting App: How does it tie in with the eSports Betting App? All bets within the eSports betting app will be with Ape Token. Meaning an ever increasing market cap due to constant trades with the Ape Token.

All bets will incur a small fee, accumulating in the marketing wallet & distributed to holders. The community aspect coupled with the utility of the eSports betting App will mean the Ape Token will have long-term and short-term gains in value. Holders will have big incentives to hold due to the tokenomics and the additional airdrops via the betting app token accumulation.

A coin that rewards holders. You gain more APET through every single trade due to inbuilt 10% tax. You will also gain more APET once the app is live due to people buying into APET and the transaction fees for every bet being paid into the marketing wallet. Which is later distributed to all APET holders.


Community driven coin with Static Rewards for holders.


10% Tax: 5% back into liquidity, 4% distributed to holders, 1% marketing wallet.