• Anon


  • $11,863.700929 (+110,146,684,214.79%)

    19.509900000 BNB

  • $177,955,513,927,770


  • 10,310 (-0.01%)


  • 15,000,000,000

    Total Supply






$Anon incurs a massive tax for anyone who sells in the initial days - this tax adds to liquidity pool and rewards the holders. We all know that low liquidity is a HUGE problem in BSC tokens, and it seems like the creators of $Anon have found a pretty innovative way to solve it, while at the same time discouraging pump and dumpers from killing the token.

It also have max order size, and max wallet size, to help prevent whales from causing massive dumps.

💰 Max Purchase: 100m tokens 💰 Max Wallet: 200m tokens

🚀 The launch was a huge success...Reaching $1,000,000 Mcap in only three hours 🚀

It has since reached an ATH Mcap of $8,000,000.


Bounty System:

The creators of this token are in the works of setting up a Bounty System. Holders of the token who help in exposing scammers and wrongdoers will receive rewards for their help in making the BSC a safer place.

Our goal is to create a database of:

known scam techniques

common scam names

developer addresses associated with scams

telegram groups aimed at pumping and dumping YOUR money

This is only the beginning, and we need everyone's help to make the BSC a safer place to invest.

ANON represents the anger and hate we have all experienced with ruggers and scammers. We hope to rid the BSC marketplace of this filth through innovative tokenomics and if possible, legal doxing of scammers. ANON launched with an innovative feature, heavy tax on dumpers, and this is only the beginning of our journey.

Proof Through Action 🔥

We are Anonymous 🔥

You are Anonymous🔥

🤫Less than 2 days old and hit $8,000,000 marketcap.


Name : AnonymousBsc

🕵️Symbol : ANON

🕵️Blockchain : BEP-20

✅ Liquidity Tokens have been locked for 1 year.

✅ Contract has been renounced.