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First, we Launch animeswap’s NFT and governance token $ANIME. Our first exchange token will automatically reward its holders with passive BUSD deposited to their wallet every hour or when a certain threshold is reached. We will also Launch our NFT marketplace on Unifty where ANIME can be staked for NFT rewards! As the ecosystem grows the value of our NFTs grows as well. These NFTs will have custom elements for all our diamondhanded weebs After $ANIME we plan to launch our staking and LP farm with very high APY! We will combine this with massive marketing campaigns and influencer outreach partnerships. We will migrate to our own Inhouse NFT marketplace instead of Unifty and provide functionality for artists within the community to mint their own NFTs at insanely cheap fees We will also begin working towards our DAO system. We want to turn Animeswap into a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where the community can create proposals and holders of ANIME will be able to vote on which proposal goes forward to fruition.


10% Tax 5% BUSD Rewards This is auto distributed to all holders with more than 10 tokens, 

based on holding percenatage. 3% Liquidity Pool This ensures we have a cushy price floor as we grow. 

2% Marketing/ Dev 2% Is redistributed in BUSD to our marketing/ dev wallet.

 Since we don't have team tokens, this keeps the project growing.