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The name Amnext suggests that you can be the next in line to change your life. I can say that it breathes life into an ecosystem that can change people’s lives.
Amnext’s USP is its unique lottery, where no one loses. The Lifetime Tickets do not expire, and everyone has a chance to hit the jackpots.


So, Why Should People Participate?

The entire ecosystem has been built around making sure that you always have a chance to win. The positive features of the Amnext Dapp, as listed below, should encourage the investors to participate in the program.

Once you purchase a Lifetime Ticket, you enter into the lottery draw for life. This new UNIQUE concept of Lifetime Tickets generates the possibility of winning the draw every time the jackpot is generated.

For every dollar you deposit on No-Loss Prize Pools, you are entitled to win big prizes in form of BNB/CAKE/USDT/BUSD/VAI and earn passive interest of AMC tokens; even if you don’t win, you keep all your money and until you withdraw you are entitled to win!

The more the number of people you invite on the Lifetime Tickets Lottery, the more rewards in AMC you will achieve. However, there is a cap on the number of tickets you can get.


Lifetime Tickets

No-Loss Lottery

Staking Protocol

Rewards in AMC by depositing into Prize Pools

Referral Rewards

Fair Launch

Will not launch until Security Audits are done

Amnext have a lot of Potential, aside of most DeFi projects you can easily check the Team behind it and their Linkedin/Twitter. It could quickly create a massive market cap and do a 1000x gain and continue grow in a long term run. For sure not another MEME COIN.