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Armageddon - The battle between good and evil occurs on a daily basis we want to challenge that by growing your wealth and that of others around the globe.

Armageddon is a project with a winning strategy, it is bringing back self-sustainability to the Crypto Community, unlike many other projects Armageddon is here to kickstart your portfolio not
feed off it.



We are issuing tokens and selling them directly to you, the community.

Similar to the Ethereum platform and other blockchain technology, our token is decentralized. The blockchain acts as a public ledger which we believe will eventually be adopted by all governments. We aim to become one of the major sources of donations to charity in time.



Although our Token has a total supply of  1 quadrillion it is in the smart contracts DNA to constantly lower supply which in turn increases scarcity and value when done right!

This encourages investors to hold our token! Our token has no minting function so there can never be inflation. We use a deflationary model to distribute coins to all holders including the burn wallet on top of that another 1% is allocated to the burn wallet every transaction. The more coins you hold over time the more distributions you will receive and the supply is forever decreasing.



We are a startup ICO driven to give back to communities in need. Our team is global anyone can join, anyone can buy, and everyone gives back! We want as many people as possible to be involved in the project, so we have made it as simple as possible for everyone to get involved.

Whether you are a crypto expert or just interested in learning more about the industry, join us! Armageddon is a key player in the future of blockchain and crypto currency and will lead the way with the creation of a community which drives the success of a crypto currency. Our mission is to give back to communities in need and through our tokenized charity we will do just that.


• 4% redistributed (FREE TOKENS)

•4% to Liquidity (Ever increasing price floor)

•1% Burned Forever

•1% to charity/marketing wallet (Exponential Marketing and charity donations)