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The Altruism Protocol (Altrucoin) is a community-driven, automatic yield-generating token created on the Binance Smart Chain.

The protocol was designed to produce decentralized charitable donations and to provide a safe, appreciating store of value for token holders with strong incentives for long-term investment and a clear use case: defi lending.

We have learned from our predecessors and aim to improve on their formulas by solving many of the problems we see with existing yield-generating tokens.


Creating a secure store of value for all our holders.



Giving to impactful charitable causes in order to change the world for the better.



Through decentralization Altrucoin will remain community driven, built and controlled.



Ensuring no single entity or group has complete control of the protocol.



Producing yield generation and creating a sensible investment for our holders.



Transparency from our team in all aspects of the project.


While an outline is included below, our live roadmap can be found here:

Live Roadmap

Q1 2021Complete


Stage 0 - Team Building and Testnet Launch

Stage zero focuses on building the necessary team for the initial iterations of the project, creating the protocol and testing it thoroughly before launch.

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Q2 2021In Progress


Stage 1 - Mainnet Launch

The goals of stage one are to successfully launch the Altrucoin token on the BSC mainnet, to build our community, to grow our team, and to make our first charitable donation.

This including taking steps such as launching our first marketing campaign, hiring new team members, and ensuring that our protocol passes external security audits.

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Q3 2021Coming Soon


Stage 2 - Marketplace Adoption/Mobile App

The primary goal of stage two is to increase our presence on major platforms, media and exchanges, to launch our mobile application, and to continue building our community.

We aim to reach major milestones for total amount given to charity during this stage.

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Q4 2021Coming Soon


Stage 3 - Defi Lending/Staking Launch

We aim to launch our defi lending protocol and staking protocol during stage three, this will also be where we introduce our fee reduction to increase general usability of the token in a defi setting.

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Q1 2022Coming Soon


Stage 4 - Decentralization

With the primary functions of the protocol completed, our next focus will be on the full decentralization of the protocol and transfer of governance to the community.

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Q2 2022Coming Soon


Stage 5 - Future Plans

As the project develops, we expect new technologies to be released that we may want to incorporate into the Altruism Protocol or to build on. Stage five is where we will implement those ideas.

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Frictionless Yield Generation

5% of every transaction is distributed proportionally to the wallets of all holders of Altrucoin.


Deflationary Tokenomics

Altrucoin implements features such as token burning and locked liquidity pooling, ensuring that the token remains deflationary.


Automatic Liquidity Pooling

Our smart contract automatically deposits a portion of every transaction into a locked liquidity pool.


Charity Voting

A portion of all transactions go to a dedicated charity wallet. Users can vote on which charities should receive donations from the charity wallet.


Decentralized Governance

Altrucoin was created from the start with decentralized governance in mind. Our roadmap shows our plan for its future implementation.


Defi Lending/Staking

The Altruism Protocol's long term use case is to become a decentralized lending platform that rewards users for staking. Learn more from our roadmap and whitepaper.

  • Tokens Burned: Coming Soon
  • 10% Overall Transaction Fee
    • 5% Distributed to All Existing Holders
    • 2% Distributed to Locked Liquidity Pool
    • 1.5% Distributed to Charity Wallet
    • .75% Distributed to Protocol Development Wallet
    • .75% Distributed to Marketing Wallet