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AngryLittlePandas unite! AngryLittlePanda is here to bring peace to the BSC network and should be respected by diamand handers. Every degén should insta wape into this to secure their early spot in this journey to the moon. The best part? IT HASN'T EVEN LAUNCHED YET! Hop in the TG to check the awesome community we have built and get in early to secure a fat bag for fat gains.

This reddit post isn't to give away all the tokenomics and give away all the secret sauce before launch, it's to get reddit in before launch to secure some fat gains for everyone. Big plans for marketing and as a community, this project will explode!

$ALP comes with unique anti whále tokenomics combined with an anti-sníper launch to give every degen a fair chance and to avoid dumping. 🐼

Did I mention that it hasn't even launched yet? hype is building quick hop in the tg and check out the community!


All tokenomics will be released at launch to prevent bots and snipers from gearing up to scoop up a fat amount of the supply, this has ruined many tokens in the past and I'm not letting it happen to this one.

Not going to give anything away ie. tokenomics, so just hop in the tg and be ready for the launch!

Tokenomics where released just minutes before launch to avoid snípers searching for coins with the same tokenomics. This is the way, the ALP way. Join the community for a ride to 100x and more!