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SweetMoon is filling a gap in the webcam market by developing an app that will connect you with your favourite webcam models via a custom built API, while remaining anonymous.

The API will allow you to pay/subscribe via crypto, anonymously to your favourite camgirls, holders of Sweetmoon will benefit within the Sweetmoon ecosystem with reduced fees, cheaper payments and much more!


Phase 2 - Development



Phase 1 - Launch


Deploy to all social channels


CoinGecko Application


CoinMarketCap Application


CoinSniper (listed)


CoinHunt (listed)


BlockFolio Application


Expand out network of Adult Film stars


PooCoin ads


Expand developer network for our app/api

Phase 2 - Development


Continue expansion of our network

Alpha release of our product

Reward long term holders with prizes/competitions

Expand our marketing to reach a further audience

Work within our community to provide unique opportunities

Expand developer network for our app/api

Phase 3 - Expansion

Bridge to ETH

Continue the development of our app/api

Reach out to tech/adult related events for cross promotion

Continue bridging the gap between fiat & crypto via out channels


Auto Liquidity

8% of each transaction is sent to liquidity and locked. This creates a better security long term.



Token Burn

28.62% of tokens were burnt at the launch of SweetMoon token.



Frictionless Yield

It has a 2% tax for every transaction which is distributed to holders as a reward. You can earn passive income just by HODLING the token.