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Welcome to LYRICoin app. We are a Defi token which helps to bring forward hidden talents of musical world. We showcase people from round the globe having passion for music and we become their platform to reach millions of listeners. The app will help the browser to connect with the new up and coming artists. You need to have LYRICoin token in your wallet to get access to the app and make an account. After listening to samples free from across all genres you can decide which tracks you want to select to add to a playlist and purchase those track with LYRICoin tokens.It will be like Fiverr of musical world. So let's all start this Lyrical journey and build a musical community.

One of our highlight feature is where the hottest artists of the week will have the spotlight to themselves on the Home page, this includes an artists song/ album/ video we will have a daily section and a weekly section so the artists with the most views/downloads will be able to climb to the hottest of the day/week which will give artists the most exposure to investors and public audience.



JUNE 10th


Setting up Contract & Application

We started creating the token's contract itself, setup the website and marketing and hired the right people to start LYRICoin

JUNE 12th


Launch on Pancakeswap & Fullfilling presale orders

LYRICoin will be launched on Pancakeswap. All investors who bought in the private presale will receive the LYRIC tokens.


JUNE 20th


Apply for CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko

Us at LYRICoin will apply for CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko straight after launch to try and get listed as soon as possible and push promotion for LYRICoin

Q3 2021


Development of LYRICoin App

We will start the devlopment of our app, getting in touch with several app developers to start producing the software required for us to get up and coming artists out there.


LYRICoin is designed for holders, we put aside 5% of each transaction and add them to a BNB pool. Holders can withdraw from the pool once every 24 hours according to his/her share of LYRICoin tokens. Also, 5% of each transaction goes into LP and 2% of each LYRICoin transaction gets reflected to all holders. 

The BNB reward pool relies solely on the volume of transactions, there will be no fixed interest. Each trade/transaction comes with a 12% tax fee.FEATURES


5% of every transaction is taken and converted to BNB and then redistributed to all LYRICoin holders. The BNB can be withdrawn every 24 hours.




Transactions (Sell/Buy) that trade more than 1% of the total supply will be rejected. Whales making transfers (between 2 wallets) larger than 1% of the total supply will be charged 1 BNB.



5% of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity on Pancakeswap. This will establish a solid price floor over time.



We will be implementing new technology that blacklists addresses when trying to snipe the contract before Liquidity is added, this feature is to allow legit PCS traders a fair chance to trade evenly.



2% of every transaction is taken and redistributed to all LYRICoin holders. Hold LYRICoin and watch your wallet grow over time.



All initial Liquidity Provided by DxSale will be locked with DxLock in several stages to guarantee liquidity.
100% Rugsafe.

Each trade has a 12% tax whereas 5% of each transaction gets converted into BNB and added to a BNB pool. This pool will be shared between all holders according to their share. Furthermore 5% goes into the Liquidity Pair on Pancakeswap to establish a solid price floor. 2% will be reflected so you can watch your LYRICoin tokens grow.

Autolock LP

The volatility of the price reduces as more liquidity is added, therefore 5% of the tax will be converted into a BNB/LYRICoin liquidity pair.


On each transaction 5% of the tokens will be converted into BNB and added to a shared pool which can be withdrawn every 24 hours.


2% of every LYRICoin transaction will be reflected to all holders. This will reward long-term holders accumulating more LYRICoin over time.