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Ahoy pirates! All aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship. Join our crew of investors as we set sail to victory. Jolly Roger rewards $LOOT holders through a biweekly lottery distribution. There will also be $LOOT giveaways (giveaway roadmap below) as the crew grows and raids islands and other pirate ships. Jolly Roger recommends all crew members study this roadmap below deck. Our goal as a full functioning Defi protocol is to be both a community token and give the option to be part of that Defi. What is your strategy to become the scourge of the seven seas!? Jolly Roger ($LOOT) is a hybrid decentralized lottery token. A token inspired by Jolly Roger, a tale of a pirate ship with a crew strong and vicious enough to conquer the seven seas. $LOOT offers both access to a Defi and a community token. Jolly Roger rewards it’s crew members very generously…if they are loyal that is. Paper hands will be forced to walk the plank empty handed. What is a hybrid decentralized lottery token? Jolly Roger is the first hybrid decentralized lottery token. Jolly Roger offers multiple opportunities to win large amounts of treasure ($LOOT). This is done through a bi-weekly lottery system/- giveaway roadmap/community contests that rewards holders. The utility of the $LOOT token will be used on our DEX, farm, pools and lottery gaming. These functions will be built out during Phase I of our platform (Q3 2021)

Roadmap Q3 - UI Version 1.0 - Pre-Sale - ETHscan - CG, CMC Listings - Trust Wallet integration - Marketing war campaign - Contract Audit / KYC - Jolly Swap - Farm Pools - Complete 40 large giveaways Q4 -Utility NFT’s - Gamification - Smugglers Cove (1v1 gamble mini game) - Multiple Partnerships - Tier 1.5 CEX Listing - Merchandise Store - Billboard in NYC - Pirate rum party - Large live event(s) Q1 2022 - UI Version 2.0 - Tier 1 CEX listing - Website translations to multiple languages so we can build a pirate army to conquer all 7 seas - Jolly Roger Lambo paint job


Tokenomics 100M Tokens • 40% Presale • 35% Liquidity • 15% Ecosystem (50% Locked) • 10% Team (Locked) Jolly Roger will reward the community by redistributing 30% of the booty wallet (ecosystem wallet) through a lottery system/giveaway roadmap to our holders.