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We are a 100% community driven token. This website was even made by a member of the community! $DMC is developer renounced and ownerless. That means the fate of this project rests with us, the holders.


We stealth launched with a few Reddit posts, and saw an 8000% gain in our first 24 hours. But that’s just the beginning! The power of this coin is that it’s community driven, and therefore limitless. “To the moon,” you say? How about all of history and everything yet to come?


The Coin of the Future

The DMC community is growing rapidly. Today, you have a chance to invest a coin we brought back from the future! Built for the future with input from our community!



Holder Benefits

All holders get a portion of 2% from each buy and sell! This means you gain coins, for your future, just for holding DMC!


Community Driven

Join our growing community! The DMC community is one of a kind. Create bonds that will last a lifetime while holding the coolest meme coin from the future! Community input, as well as the coolest car known to man, is the backbone of this currency!



Whale Proof

The maximum buy and sell orders for DMC are 0.5% of the total supply, meaning you don't have to worry about the whales!

Token Name: DMC

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Amount of Tokens: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Amount Burned: 900,000,000,000,000

LP Burn: 100% burned to dead address.

Auto Distribution: 2% fee automatically distributed between all holders.

Liquidity Fee: A low 5% fee to the liquidity.

Max Buy/Sell: Maximum of 0.5% total supply per buy/sell order making the coin whale proof!